David Aposhian & His Team


David Aposhian has been building in Cambridge and Somerville as well as surrounding areas for over 25 years. He has evolved a signature style that has been most recently applied in the crafting of small communities that share a sense of place derived from good design, an intelligent blend of natural materials and creative vision.

David Aposhian, Cambridge Design & Development Past Projects:

  • Union Place, Somerville (411-432 Norfolk St. & 80 Webster Ave: Total 6 Buildings, 131 Units + Parking Garage Built 2002-2009)
  • Prospect Court, Cambridge (182-190 Prospect St, 17-19 Tremont Street: Total 26 Units  Built 2009-2011 in 4 Phases)
  • Howard Lofts, Cambridge (Putnam and Pleasant Streets)
  • 241-255 River Street, Cambridge
  • 8-10 Gardner Road, Cambridge
  • 19 Mount Vernon Street, Cambridge

Construction by Cambridge Design & Development, Inc.